Project: Strides South

Client: Strides

  • Strides South Custom Millwork
  • Design view 2
  • Design view 3
  • Design view 1
  • Strides South Front Counter
  • Strides South Water and Locking unit
  • Strides South Seating
When we received the call to make a new plan for the Strides south location, we jumped at the opportunity and embraced the hurried timeline put before us. Perched next to the most affluent community in the south of Calgary, the new Strides in Marda Loop location is twice the size of the original.

Feeding off the other location, we stuck with our custom designed, decentralized footwear islands with built in seating. Apparel from the premium brands merchandizes perfectly on the custom 54blue wall system. With lots of room to spare we fit in the treadmill for gate analysis and of course, the out-of-sight change rooms. We are huge fans of the team at Strides and are always ready to hop to work for them any time.

wall/counter wraps
branded display materials
point-of-purchase materials
vinyl installation
custom signage

creative concepts
brand development
creative design
3d design
consumer experience

mill work
custom wood work

We're breaking new ground! We are pleased to be part of the development of a new digital tool developed for the Alberta Wheat Commission for price transparency in the agricultural industry in Canada.

pdqinfo.ca is a federally funded, informational website owned and operated by the Alberta Wheat Commission. This one stop website will be the new hub for Canadian commodity pricing, geographical comparisons and historical data.

Press release from the Alberta Wheat Commission


creative concepts
consumer experience
brand development
website design
logo design

customized website module integration
application development
custom software
software programming

  • Oakley™ Western Canada showroom.
  • Oakley™ Western Canada showroom - 02
  • Oakley™ Western Canada showroom - 03
  • Oakley™ Western Canada showroom - 04

Oakley™ is a familiar face to 54blue and has been a long-standing partner for decades. 54blue was hired to design and build their new showroom in Western Canada. The build would give Oakley™ a world class quality secret showroom, the newest in North America. Built to the stringent standards of Oakley™ and designed to optimize the space for display purposes and brand DNA.

During the design and the fabrication process, 54blue's plan was executed using high end materials to give technical and modern tones. The result was a high quality and functional room. No stone was left unturned. 54Blue covered everything from construction permits, the design, to the aesthetic detailing. 

On move in day, when the white glove of OAKLEY™ finished inspection, it was smiles all around.

creative concepts
consumer experience
3D interior/spatial design

branded display materials
wall wraps

custom woodwork

Project: Virtual Pivot Point

Client: VPP

  • The initial VPP design drawings, prototype for Outland, and the official patent.
  • The VPP design, framed and hung at 54blue's headquarters in Calgary, Alberta.
Created by 54blue’s founder and director Jamie Calon and his good friend James Klassen, the Virtual Pivot Point (VPP) suspension system changed the world of biking in a huge way and is an important part of 54blue's history. 

VPP is a suspension system that took the fixed pivot point on a bike and made it virtual. With VPP, the pivot point would now move and change with the bike, giving the rider traction and leverage for downhill and uphill riding. The system was unlike anything ever created in the world of cycling and it changed the way bikes are now designed and manufactured. When it was released, VPP was new, it was crazy, and it was innovative. It took some years to stick. In 2010, 9 years after it's birth VPP was named ‘Bike of the Year’ and ‘The Most Significant Patents in Mountain Bike History'. The patent now lives at SantaCruz Bicycles and Intense Cycles - and although major innovations have been made since then, the VPP system is considered an important breakthrough for MTB design.

Read "Sorry.You Were Right" - An article highlighting VPP, The Velvet Underground and other ideas that may have been released before the world was ready.

concept design
consumer experience

  • RedBull Rocks and Logs Wallride
  • Cycleworks jump branding
  • Rocks and Logs course branding
  • Redbull Rocks and Logs Course branding
  • Wallride with City of Calgary Backdrop
  • Pro Line and Sponsor branding
  • Athlete race number decals
For the 3rd year in a row Redbull’s Rocks and Logs went down in Calgary, AB. 54blue was tasked with branding the event from head to toe, everything from bike number plates to the 12 foot x 12 foot wall ride graphic.

54blue worked within the event and Redbull’s guidelines to produce brand correct collateral for all affiliated sponsors through on course signage. Like any major sporting event, signage was also needed for parking, spectator traffic flow and athlete signup and staging areas. Each athlete also needed 3 branded decals with their participant number for their bike. The piece de resistance really was the 12’ x 12’ wall ride, direct printed in 4 pieces on weather resistant 3/4” boards and then coated with a grit finish for wheel traction, this graphic really stood out in front of Calgary’s downtown Skyline.

On course Coroplast branding
On Course Vinyl Banner branding
Bike number decals / branding
Wall Ride branding
Wrist bands

On course branding design

CNC Wallride and apply grit coating