Project: Strides South

Client: Strides

  • Strides South Custom Millwork
  • Design view 2
  • Design view 3
  • Design view 1
  • Strides South Front Counter
  • Strides South Water and Locking unit
  • Strides South Seating
When we received the call to make a new plan for the Strides south location, we jumped at the opportunity and embraced the hurried timeline put before us. Perched next to the most affluent community in the south of Calgary, the new Strides in Marda Loop location is twice the size of the original.

Feeding off the other location, we stuck with our custom designed, decentralized footwear islands with built in seating. Apparel from the premium brands merchandizes perfectly on the custom 54blue wall system. With lots of room to spare we fit in the treadmill for gate analysis and of course, the out-of-sight change rooms. We are huge fans of the team at Strides and are always ready to hop to work for them any time.

wall/counter wraps
branded display materials
point-of-purchase materials
vinyl installation
custom signage

creative concepts
brand development
creative design
3d design
consumer experience

mill work
custom wood work

  • Strides Running Store Calgary Window front
  • Strides - Artist Concept
  • Strides - Artist Concept
  • Strides - Artist Concept
  • Strides Running Store Calgary Finished
  • Strides Running Store Calgary light construction
Strides, Calgary's best independent running store in the affluent Marda Loop district, approached 54blue to redesign and revamp their space for the new year. 54blue designed the small space to allow the consumer to interact with the product and staff in a hyper efficient, but relaxing way. With consumers looking for a premium experience, 54blue faced many challenges in the design phase.

- Allow for more inventory.
- More consumer seating for trying on the goods.
- find space for a treadmill for gate assessment.
- Develop a new change room configuration that will give more space and privacy to the female consumers.

As always, the de-compression zone (entrance/foyer) was the first issue. Cleaning up the clutter and suggesting a no-retail zone within the entrance will present the the shopper with an easy and clean space to pack away the keys, phones and sunglasses and shake off the outdoors so they can move into the space (decompress). The simply designed front counter is the first thing the consumer will see when entering. The soft corners of the counter guide the consumer into the space with a natural flow. Once within the retail space, two large clean retail walls display the apparel, while three large bunkers hold the season's shoe selection in center of the store. The large bunkers are the new decentralized seating for trying on footwear. Six easy to access spots allow for double the amount of clients to try on footwear, with all the tools of the footwear trade closely at hand, but hidden away. All clients will have efficient and premium service at all the stations. The three footwear bunkers are lit with custom light fixtures created using the store owners amazing running race bib collection from all over the globe.

Store Concept & Design
Window fronts
store signage

Store signage
window fronts

Custom Light fixtures
Hand built woodworking

  • Oakley™ Western Canada showroom.
  • Oakley™ Western Canada showroom - 02
  • Oakley™ Western Canada showroom - 03
  • Oakley™ Western Canada showroom - 04

Oakley™ is a familiar face to 54blue and has been a long-standing partner for decades. 54blue was hired to design and build their new showroom in Western Canada. The build would give Oakley™ a world class quality secret showroom, the newest in North America. Built to the stringent standards of Oakley™ and designed to optimize the space for display purposes and brand DNA.

During the design and the fabrication process, 54blue's plan was executed using high end materials to give technical and modern tones. The result was a high quality and functional room. No stone was left unturned. 54Blue covered everything from construction permits, the design, to the aesthetic detailing. 

On move in day, when the white glove of OAKLEY™ finished inspection, it was smiles all around.

creative concepts
consumer experience
3D interior/spatial design

branded display materials
wall wraps

custom woodwork

  • RedBull Rocks and Logs Wallride
  • Cycleworks jump branding
  • Rocks and Logs course branding
  • Redbull Rocks and Logs Course branding
  • Wallride with City of Calgary Backdrop
  • Pro Line and Sponsor branding
  • Athlete race number decals
For the 3rd year in a row Redbull’s Rocks and Logs went down in Calgary, AB. 54blue was tasked with branding the event from head to toe, everything from bike number plates to the 12 foot x 12 foot wall ride graphic.

54blue worked within the event and Redbull’s guidelines to produce brand correct collateral for all affiliated sponsors through on course signage. Like any major sporting event, signage was also needed for parking, spectator traffic flow and athlete signup and staging areas. Each athlete also needed 3 branded decals with their participant number for their bike. The piece de resistance really was the 12’ x 12’ wall ride, direct printed in 4 pieces on weather resistant 3/4” boards and then coated with a grit finish for wheel traction, this graphic really stood out in front of Calgary’s downtown Skyline.

On course Coroplast branding
On Course Vinyl Banner branding
Bike number decals / branding
Wall Ride branding
Wrist bands

On course branding design

CNC Wallride and apply grit coating

  • University of Calgary NUTV Studio 2015 Design concept
  • University of Calgary NUTV 2015 studio 2015
  • University of Calgary NUTV 2015 studio 2015
  • University of Calgary NUTV 2015 studio 2015 finished talkshow tv set
We love an out of the box project. When the University Television Station needed a new talk show set we jumped at the project. NUTV was looking for a design that looked like a million bucks on a student union budget... Undaunted, we pitched “Professor Jones' Office” inspired by our favorite Professor, Dr. Indiana Jones, we started the design.

Rich imaging with classic elements bring the show's guests into the comfortable setting of a professor’s office. Smooth space design was the goal. The concept came to life with film friendly Matte wall fabrics printed on our Roland XR640. This material controls glare and keeps the suspension of reality at bay. The entire set is built on a standard trade show folding frame work allowing the wall system to be packed up and tucked away in a closet. 54blue’s 3D team worked on every inch of the space, including entry from backstage for guests onto the set, providing 25% more seating for the studio audience and maintaining the strict fire and space codes of the building.