The Team

Jamie W Calon

CEO - President - Brand Director

Builder, Inventor, Designer and founder of 54blue.

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We're a tight group of talented marketers, designers and developers. Being great at what you do doesn’t cut it for us. We’re looking for creative, intelligent, and focused people that we'd want to spend time with outside of 9 to 5.

The Brands we work for are well developed so you need to be razor sharp. That being said. We expect you to enjoy life. So plan that cross country skate park trip, have your own projects and be your own person.

Open Positions

Currently there are no open positions.

54blue Athletics

We believe that an active life is a happy life. Not only will it drive you in a physical way, but also mentally and creatively.

We invest in sport and in the lives of our employees so why not bring the two together? Whether it be cycling, hockey, or basketball – sports promote a healthy lifestyle, extracurricular activity, and a team environment. To encourage this lifestyle we have extended this reach to our family and friends. Some friendly competition never hurt anyone.

Think you got skills? Sign up for 54blue athletics… we’ll be the judge of that.

Our Teams

(2017 Closed) 54blue Cycling Team
2017/2018 54blue Hockey Team