We were a frustrated design company that was sick of dealing with people who had no clue of the standards our clients were looking for. Substrates that perform, color accuracy, high print resolution and doing it fast. This is not an equation that is easy or cheap when dealing with one-off custom print jobs. Being egomaniacs, we knew that we could figure it out and build a high-end custom print lab. Our philosophy mandates that every 54blue designer is well-versed in using the onsite print lab and is highly educated in the print process. All print is examined by the designer and print master for accuracy in sizing, color and any other flaws that can appear before it is released into the wild. Your brand was not cheap or easy to develop. Please make smart decisions on who you allow to work with it.



No two projects are the same. Your images demand accurate color without flaws. The 54blue print lab understands the level of quality and personal attention needed for every client. Total image of your brand must be maintained throughout all print media. Continuity is king. At 54blue we utilize the XRite color management system so our designers can do what they do best: create.

For designers working in a digital environment, the streamlined creative process still presents challenges in trying to maintain accurate and precise colors. With an accurately profiled monitor, it is easy to control and manage color throughout the entire process, and the creative process is able to take on true to life colors.


54blue print lab is always researching cutting edge material. We match the newest substrates with environmentally friendly Aqueous or EcoSolve ink to make sure your print job leaves the smallest footprint on the environment. It is our mandate to maximize the material used and reduce waste.



54 blue print lab only runs our workhorse with premium eco solvent factory ink, configured in 8 colours CMYK + Lc + Lm + Mt +W for white and metallic applications. The Roland uses state of the art 8 channel print head technology and variable droplet technology that uses seven different dot sizes to ensure the smoothest gradient and richest color density. The gold-plating on the printhead reduces static-electricity and maximizes the bling factor like a west coast rapper.


Epson print technology incorporates the latest technologies, including an advanced MicroPiezo TFP printhead and real-time automatic switching between matte and photo black inks. The result is the world's most advanced 64-inch wide photographic printer and when it comes to fine art… this is our baby. Imagine producing 64-inch wide archival prints with amazing color fidelity and scratch resistance. Professional, neutral and toned, black and white prints with high-density levels. Virtually no metamerism or bronzing. Absolutely perfect every time.


Our AXYZ CNC cutter is a tool for our artists and not for just any average joe engineer popping out widgets. Our team has the freedom to design and manufacture high quality 2D or 3D products from their artwork faster than they ever thought possible.

Spinning at about a 'zillion' rpm our CNC is used for 3D carving, V-Bit carving, profile contouring, fluting and engraving. Used on materials like wood, foam, plastic and aluminum. The opportunities are endless.