At 54blue we interact with the world a little differently than the rest. We work tirelessly to bridge the divide between the tangible world and the digital one. With this work we build applications that are seamless extensions of your work process that help make work more efficient and allow you the time for the all of the fun things in life. This has never been an easy task so now we’re breaking out the technology to help. This, combined with our army of programmers, is quickly changing the way business operates.

54blue helps build sustainable, advanced, user-friendly, interactive business applications for a variety of situations. An easy to use, fun application can make any mundane task faster and more enjoyable. Data is boring. Reports put people to sleep. PowerPoint sucks. But when these simple day-to-day tasks are brought together in an application which lets you pull only the information you need out cleanly and simply, everyone gets back to what they need to quickly. Need this same power on the go? 54blue Interactive can help you move your application from the confines of the desk onto mobile and emerging platforms. Need to get the word out? Let us help integrate your current data with social networks and engage your community the way they want to be engaged.

Brand Regulator®


By meticulously researching the day-to-day marketing operations for global brands, suppliers and agencies, we have developed a unique software solution to the inefficiencies that existed.

The world of operational marketing has been neglected for long enough. Lack of tools and cohesive procedures has limited your team to a fragmented set of ad hoc solutions. Regulator® brings operational excellence to all tasks by making them repeatable and accurate time after time.

If you want to streamline procedures, find efficiencies and get ahead on the competitive marketing landscape, we should talk. The 54blue team would love to share an exclusive live demo of Regulator with you.

Custom Coding


Your website is generally the first thing your customers see. We've all been searching the web for product 'x' that we can't seem to live without anymore. We find it on a shifty website that looks like it was made in '96. It's exactly what we want, but we would rather not divulge our credit card information to a website that was built half-heartedly. If your website was built when the spice girls were popular... it's time for an update.


Your business collects abstract data at a frenetic pace. You're already good at collecting some of it - until someone in the field moves, destroys, breaks, or repurposes equipment. What about creating a comparison between several layers of that abstract data to give a clear picture of where dollars are being spent and the return on those? We build systems that do just that in simple, efficient, and elegant ways.


Everyone is creating apps. We do that too. thankfully our thought process is a little different than the rest. We aren't building the next gimmick (cue the air horn), we are focused on user friendly, cloud based apps that we design from the ground up. An app that works with your business model and infrastructure. Your app needs to be an extension of your work flow to help your staff communicate remotely.