54 Capital

54blue Capital is real investment into your project. We charge the project with a thousand volts. Strategic planning, marketing concepts, creative and interactive products. This propels the project to the next level. We will only invest into one or two projects a year because we are picky. We need to see some effort and a great concept or product. Show us and we will assess the value of investment needed to make a real impact..

Please, “Idea guys” hold no value to us. We have lots of ideas, thanks....
We need a real product to market...

What we need

We need partners that have already dug in and put in some real time and effort.

We need to see it... Now that may be a finished product or perhaps just a design. Remember the farther down the road you are the less equity you have to give away to have your project come to life.

We need to see a clear path to revenue and a 5 year plan.

The steps

Give it your best shot and wow us. Don't forget we are picky and really are looking for a gem.

We determine if we can personally get along and look at how we can help. We attach a value to the work and move forward.

We cut the deal in plain English and legally sign off on the agreed terms.

As a team we collectively move forward through the process of building the next big brand...

Current partners

PX3 Sports Science brings a new and innovative technology to mouth-ware for athletes. Alignment and stabilization of the jaw are key performance features that help to increase endurance and stability for all levels of sport.
Calgary Cycle Group
A simple project with a simple goal. Dominate sales in the south of Calgary. 54blue Capital jumped in and backed the project helping build and move product above projections. We will call this one a success!