• Oakley™ Western Canada showroom.
  • Oakley™ Western Canada showroom - 02
  • Oakley™ Western Canada showroom - 03
  • Oakley™ Western Canada showroom - 04

Oakley™ is a familiar face to 54blue and has been a long-standing partner for decades. 54blue was hired to design and build their new showroom in Western Canada. The build would give Oakley™ a world class quality secret showroom, the newest in North America. Built to the stringent standards of Oakley™ and designed to optimize the space for display purposes and brand DNA.

During the design and the fabrication process, 54blue's plan was executed using high end materials to give technical and modern tones. The result was a high quality and functional room. No stone was left unturned. 54Blue covered everything from construction permits, the design, to the aesthetic detailing. 

On move in day, when the white glove of OAKLEY™ finished inspection, it was smiles all around.

creative concepts
consumer experience
3D interior/spatial design

branded display materials
wall wraps

custom woodwork

  • Strides Running Store Calgary Window front
  • Strides - Artist Concept
  • Strides - Artist Concept
  • Strides - Artist Concept
  • Strides Running Store Calgary Finished
  • Strides Running Store Calgary light construction
Strides, Calgary's best independent running store in the affluent Marda Loop district, approached 54blue to redesign and revamp their space for the new year. 54blue designed the small space to allow the consumer to interact with the product and staff in a hyper efficient, but relaxing way. With consumers looking for a premium experience, 54blue faced many challenges in the design phase.

- Allow for more inventory.
- More consumer seating for trying on the goods.
- find space for a treadmill for gate assessment.
- Develop a new change room configuration that will give more space and privacy to the female consumers.

As always, the de-compression zone (entrance/foyer) was the first issue. Cleaning up the clutter and suggesting a no-retail zone within the entrance will present the the shopper with an easy and clean space to pack away the keys, phones and sunglasses and shake off the outdoors so they can move into the space (decompress). The simply designed front counter is the first thing the consumer will see when entering. The soft corners of the counter guide the consumer into the space with a natural flow. Once within the retail space, two large clean retail walls display the apparel, while three large bunkers hold the season's shoe selection in center of the store. The large bunkers are the new decentralized seating for trying on footwear. Six easy to access spots allow for double the amount of clients to try on footwear, with all the tools of the footwear trade closely at hand, but hidden away. All clients will have efficient and premium service at all the stations. The three footwear bunkers are lit with custom light fixtures created using the store owners amazing running race bib collection from all over the globe.

Store Concept & Design
Window fronts
store signage

Store signage
window fronts

Custom Light fixtures
Hand built woodworking

Project: Regulator®

Client: 54blue

  • Regulator™ - Custom database with responsive web design
  • Regulator™ - Application for iOS
  • Regulator™

Regulator® plugs into your data and scrapes the corners of your brand to produce the most accurate ROI you can get. Large enterprise data controllers can lose track of assets in the field and ROI is lost. CRM’s manage sales relationships but not all the marketing data. Marketing and sales are directly linked but generally at odds with each other. You know the old chicken and the egg concept...

Regulator® seamlessly integrates sales and marketing from a brands perspective. All suites were designed from the ground up to revolutionize the way a brand can see and manage their marketing, track the tangible assets from capital and operating expenditures in market and see a real-time ROI from marketing initiatives. Most systems today can only follow assets as far as the shipping door. We have created an enterprise SaaS platform which operates in all markets.

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logo design

customized website module integration
application development
custom software
software programming

Moving forward in a crowded market, Calgary Cycle Group was a fragmented organization looking to pull it all together to have a single marketing effort. To begin this effort, we did some small tuning of the much-loved CC icon. With this done, we could move forward rebranding all of the individual locations.

Calgary Cycle MTN, PURE, 22X, ROAD and OUTLET we launched. Simply, Calgary Cycle now is understandable by the consumer who in the past had no clue all locations were affiliated. An updated marketing rule set, a new font set, a social media tool kit and we were done. Well for this year…

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consumer experience
brand development
creative strategy
website design
logo design

  • OAKLEY TRUCK front 2015
  • Driver Side
  • Back of the Oakley 2015 truck
  • Oakley Truck at the top of the world
Without question, action sport brand Oakley keeps their image on point 24/7 and stays authentic with their brands discerning consumer. In 2015, it came time for Oakley to refresh their fleet of Ford F350 trucks and event trailers in Canada. Oakley Canada decided on a Baja platform for the look.

To match the stance of the truck, the art design needed to be subtle while incorporating complex textures. To achieve this, the 54blue team designed the print using only white and black. 54blue printed white ink for the hand drawn original eyewear sketches and striped gradients. Enriched black gloss block and stripe effects contrast against the white printed elements to make it all pop. This was printed on carefully selected 3M ultra matte black media. White logo di-cuts were added to finish off the unique textured look.

Brand experience
creative concepts
brand development
creative design

white ink